YG820 Automatic Down Filling Power Meter



It is suitable for the detection of the bulkiness of feathers and its product.


GB/T10288-2016, FZ/T80001, JISL 1903, BSEN12130


1. Measuring height and accuracy: 600mm, 1mm

2. Two sets of anti-static plexiglass cylinder for feather fluffy test: inner diameter: 288mm (GB/T10288-2016), 245mm (FZ/T80001), the barrel wall has a scale value for easy reading.

3. Measuring pressure plate:

(1) The automatic platen of 284mm diameter is 94.25 g

(2) The automatic platen of 240mm diameter is 68.4 g

(3) With a manual measuring platen, diameter 284mm, mass: 94.25g

4. Weight time: 2 min (GB/T10288-2016), 1 min (FZ/T80001)

5. Pressure plate falling speed: 1 ~ 1000mm/min adjustable


1. Taking into account the new and old standards, not only automatic measurement but also manual testing;

2. The automatic air blowing system ensures that the feathers is in a natural fluffy state, so that the data of each measurement has good authenticity and reproducibility;

3. Unique filter system design to ensure that feathers will not fly.


1. 1 host

2. Measuring cylinder: inner diameter 288mm; inner diameter 245mm

3. 3 sets of pressure plates

4. 1 hammer of 25.75g

5. 1 pouring bucket

6. 2 pre-treatment boxes

7. 1 steam generator

8. 1500W hair dryer

9. 1 electronic scale (range 3000g, accuracy 0.1g)

10. 1 stopwatch

11. 1 stirring rod

12. 1 product certificate

13. A copy of the product manual