YG812DB Hydrostatic Head Tester (manual clamping)


Hydrostatic pressure tester is to determine the resistance to water penetration, the waterproof properties of tight fabrics, with or without water-repellent finish, such as canvas, coated fabrics, hood fabric, tarpaulin, rain-proof fabrics and geotextiles. 

YG812DQ pneumatic clamping is also available.



ISO 811、EN 20811、AATCC 127、JIS L1092、GB/T4744、GB19082、ISO 1420、ISO 8096、GB/T20463、FZ/T01004



1, Power coated shell, metal panel and buttons, special aluminum test table, durable and never rust.

2, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese.

3, Fine-quality water pressure system, digital setting of pressurization speed, wide range adjustable, suitable for testing all kinds of materials.

4, High-quality stainless steel fixture, with fine gasket, easy to tighten, no damage to the sample.

5, The core control of 32-bit multifunctional mainboard of STMicroelectronics, high-precision pressure sensor, with automatic pressure tracking.

6, Self reseached & developed FY-Meas&Ctrl system includes:
⑴hardware: multifunctional circuit board;
⑵software: multifunctional measuring & controling software FY-Meas&Ctrl


1. Measurement range: 0~500kPa or 0~300kPa optional, resolution 0.01kPa;

2. Measurement accuracy: ≤±0.5% F•S;

3. Times of test: ≤ 99 times;

4. Test method: pressurization method, fixed pressure method;

5. Holding time of fixed pressure method : 0 ~ 99999.9s; timing accuracy: ±0.1s;

6. Test head size: 100cm²;

7. The total test timing range: 0 ~ 9999999.9s, timing accuracy: ±0.1s

8. Pressurization rate: 0.5 ~ 50kPa/min

9. Maximum flow rate: ≤ 200ml/min

10. Power: AC220V, 50Hz, 50W

11. Dimensions: 500×290×320mm (L×W×H)

12. Weight: 25Kg